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SupplyMaid Cleaning Caddy Bucket Organizer

SupplyMaid Cleaning Caddy Bucket Organizer

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Clean even faster with our cleaning caddy that features our Rag Bag (a removable mesh laundry bag) to help you manage your cleaning cloths. Throw your dirty rags into the Rag Bag, pull it out and throw the entire bag and rags into washer then the dryer and place it back in. 

Three large oversized pockets give you plenty of room to carry all of your cleaning chemicals, regardless of how the bottle is shaped. 

Four Speed Hooks and Speed Rings allow you to quickly clip long-handles tools to the front, as well as to your cleaning apron. 

8 small interior pockets give you a place to carry your scrapers, detail brushes and other small tools, while the large outside pocket is perfect for your keys, wallet, and phone. 

Includes Mesh Laundry Bag