Student Housing Cleaning Roles and Tools

Student Housing Cleaning Roles and Tools

You may be a great cleaner, but these techniques were developed over three years in order to clean 150 units consecutively as fast as possible. So if you end up cleaning this many units as fast as possible, you'll learn a lot here.

When we did our student housing cleanings, I hired 8 employees and split the 8 employees into two teams of 4. Each team worked on a unit until it was cleaned. From now on, a team will refer to a group of 4 people. 

 We also used our cleaning aprons, which really help keep you organized. 


Each team had 4 members, and each member had a role. This is critical. These roles allowed everyone to become experts at their specific jobs in a matter of days. 

Role 1 - Bathtub cleaning

Role 2 - Kitchen cleaning

Role 3 - Bathroom and bedroom cleaning

Role 4 - Backpack vacuum


Role 1 - Bathtub Cleaning

Most of the bathtubs were made of fiberglass and had turned black at the bottom from dirt buildup. This photo was not an uncommon sight.

While this looks terrible, it only takes about 20 minutes to clean. Click on this post to learn exactly how we turned the above tub, into the one below in just a few minutes. 


 To achieve this, you will need to read this post here.


Role 2 - Kitchen cleaning

Cleaning the kitchen is very straight forward.

However, we could clean ovens faster and better than anyone on the block. In fact, it was one of the reasons the apartment manager would not hire a different company over us. No one could do it this well. Here's what we did:

To begin, purchase a heavy duty oven cleaner. We used a brand from a local supplier and you probably won’t have the same.

Here’s one that is similar on Amazon.

Just be sure it comes in one gallon and is designed as a commercial heavy duty oven cleaner in liquid form.

Next, purchase a 1 gallon weed sprayer like this and pour your oven cleaner into it.

This stuff is very nasty and you should always wear gloves and eye protection.

Begin by spraying the interior of the oven with the chemical and let sit for 30 minutes with the door closed.

After 30 minutes, almost everything in the oven will turn to a liquid. Simply take a sponge and wipe it out. Turn on the kitchen faucet and let it run while cleaning your sponge every time.

I suggest moving the racks into the sink and rinsing them out in the sink.

If any hard carbon deposits are left, use a Pumie stick to take them off. You will be amazed how easily it comes off.

You will now have a perfect looking oven without too much work.

Role 3 - Bathroom, bedroom, and living room cleaning

This role involved cleaning the toilets, sinks, floors, and all surfaces in the bedrooms and living rooms. Here are some tips that significantly sped things up:

In order to clean the bathroom and kitchen floors, we used the best and most mobile mop I’ve ever seen. The Spin Mop allows you to quickly mop all hard surfaces with ease and it's extremely mobile as well. You can find it here on Amazon.



The bathroom, bedroom, and living rooms had large mirrors and windows. In order to clean these, we use the fastest window cleaning method in the market. Most people have no idea these exists and it allows us to clean windows 10 times faster than normal.

First, purchase this Unger window cleaning kit. It uses special pads that perfectly wipe away dirt on the windows in seconds.

However, instead of using a window cleaning chemical, you NEED to use de-ionized water. You can purchase it as distilled water from the store. When de-ionized water dries, it dries perfectly clean because there are no chemicals or minerals in it.

Finally, in order to vacuum the carpets, we used our favorite vacuum, the Oreck XL. There is nothing more light, powerful, and affordable than this.


Role 4 - Backpack vacuum

The backpack vacuum is the workhorse of the entire operation. All dust on almost every surface is collected with this. We could not do it without this beast.

In fact, the person operating the vacuum should never take it off. There is so much dust that they will stay busy their entire time.

The vacuum is used inside all cupboards, tables, baseboards, behind beds, under the seat cushions of couches, and absolutely every other surface.

We use two of these made by ProTeam and could not be happier

Yes they are expensive, and YES they will pay for themselves. Increase the price of your bid if you have to. These vacuums are an absolute must.

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