How to Clean a Disgusting Fiberglass Tub in 5 Minutes

How to Clean a Disgusting Fiberglass Tub in 5 Minutes

We were hired by an apartment company to clean 150 apartments in 2 weeks.

(Learn how you can do it too here)

Little did we realize just how dirty the fiberglass tubs were (pictured above).

Luckily I had a tool in my disposal that allowed us to clean hundreds of these tubs in absolutely no time. In fact, we did such a great job that we are being brought back to clean all 150 apartments the next 2 years!

Here's what you'll need


Of course you'll need a drill to do this. If you only have one or two tubs to clean, a cordless drill might work. However, if you have many to clean, something corded and lightweight works best. Remember, we're not building a house here. We don't need the top of the line Milwaukee drill. We need something small and light.

UPDATE: I have learned that a drill with a handle is significantly easier to handle. Here is the cheapest and smallest I was able to find on Amazon. You need it to be as light as possible and this one fits the bill perfectly.


-Drill Brush

Next, you will need several drill brushes. This is what does the actual cleaning. After about 30 tubs, you may need to replace it so it’s best to have a spare.

You can get the brush off Amazon here.


- Bar Keepers Friend

Finally, you will need Bar Keepers Friend. I’ve tried everything, and this works wonders. You can get it here on Amazon or buy at any local hardware store.


Step 1- Use the shower head to spray water onto the tub and get it wet.
Step 2 - Sprinkle bar keepers friend onto the wet tub
Step 3 - Begin by using a very low speed on the drill and work the powder into the water to create a paste. Let it sit for a few seconds as a paste. 
Step 4 - Go to town! Put pressure on the drill and grill the entire tub. Use BKF Foam in order to clean the tile and grout.
Step 5 - Use the shower head to rinse it all out. 


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