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Cleaning Double Tool Belt

Cleaning Double Tool Belt

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  • Clean more comfortably and carry less in your hands
  • Two large adjustable mesh pockets hold 2 spray bottles or 10 microfiber cloths so you can climb stairs with all your tools
  • Two additional tool pockets hold your phone or other small tools like scrapers and brushes
  • The adjustable belt adjusts from 22" to 51"
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Tactical Cleaning

Access all your tools all the time. Stop carrying everything in your hands as you walk up stairs or move between rooms. Have access to your phone, duster, scraper, bottles, and rags and live more comfortably.

Waterproof Phone & Tool Pockets

Keep your phone safe and dry with two flat pockets. Four elastic bands hold dusters and more.

Heavy Duty

Carry two full 32oz spray bottles or over 10 microfiber cloths. Our fabric and mesh is the same type used for rugged outdoor gear.