Custom Embroidery

We can custom embroider your name or logo on any apron. Custom logos look incredibly professional and always impress customers!

Please note that heat transfers do not work on our aprons due to their waterproof coating, therefore they need to be embroidered with thread to last for many years.




Logo Limitations

It's important to remember that embroidery is not printing. We use a needle and thread to replicate an image, so gradients, drop shadows, distressed textures, and shading are not possible.

Not all logos work well or look good when embroidered. If your logo has many small details and text, it may not look good. If your logo does not work, you will be notified after placing your order and refunded.

Color gradients are not possible. All gradients will be converted to a solid color. This logo will not work and will be made into a solid color:

If you have any questions, please contact us using the chat icon at the bottom of the page!


Logo Colors

We offer the following 15 thread colors to choose from. When you submit your logo we will match the thread and email you an example of the finished product for your approval.

Logo Location

Logos will be embroidered on the right side of the bottom pocket.

Logo Size

The size will be the maximum logo size that fits in a 4" x 4" square.

Logo Fees

There is a one-time setup fee for every logo because we must convert your logo into a special format for the machine. Only your first order will require setup because we will save your logo for future orders.